Ukkusissat – Rock Climbing

If you are looking for an exciting and action packed day, be wild and take the challenge to enjoy the imposing mountain that overlooks Nuuk in epic way.

We propose 3 hours of rock and mixed climbing with our certified guide and provided with the best equipment. No experience is required to learn to use the ice tools and the crampons moving guided into the vertical terrain while you enjoying the unbeaten views of the city and the fiord system that surrounds Nuuk.

  • 6 Hours, depending on the group and the terrain conditions
  • Number of participants: From 1 to 3
  • Season: Summer
  • DKK 1.700,- per person – incl. Soup
  • Physical requirements: Good physical conditions 5/5

Participants requirements:

Physical conditions: You should be in very good physical and mental condition and be physically active on a regular basis (2-4 hours per week).

Previous experience: You should have participated in no marked hikes (6-7 hours over 500 meters of elevation gained. Previous experience using crampons and ice axe is not required

What is included:  Harness, helmet, crampons, ice tools, rope and technical equipment (including mountain boots) chicken soup, energy bars and hot chocolate, and transfer from the tourist office and return.

What to bring: Day backpack, waterproof jacket and pants, extra warm clothes (for breaks and in case weather conditions turn colder), hat or similar (for example a buff to cover the head and specially the ears), warm gloves suncream, sunglasses, water and snacks.

Please inform in advance if have any illness, lesion or problem that can condition the development of the activity.

Terms and General conditions

As typically outdoor activity, the schedule, its duration and the itinerary (including breaks) can be shortened or changed on the way because of the weather, terrain conditions or group skills, etc. It relies solely on the guide, who decides how the excursion gets through in terms of safety and comfort.

Nuuk Adventure reserves the right to cancel the activity before the departure in case of bad weather and in any situation beyond the control of Nuuk Adventure that will prohibit the execution of the excursion in a safe manner. It is the certified hiking guide who decides if the weather permits the execution of the excursion or not.

All adventure trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Nuuk Adventure does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.