City Walk 2 – National Museum, Old Colonial Harbour & Greenlandic tapas at the culture center Katuaq

The tour starts at the National Museum. Here you find artifacts from all periods and civilizations in Greenland. After approx. ½ hour the walk starts in the colonial harbour where the houses stand like when they were built 2 to 300 years ago. We pass old whale blubber process equipment, Hans Egedes House, the sculpture of “The mother of the sea” in the tide zone and the stature of Hans Egede by the old church.

On to the open air market where newly caught fish, seal and reindeer are sold. Next the walk takes you past the Greenlandic Parliament to the culture center Katuaq in the middle of town. In this beautiful building local artist often exhibit during summer.

The tour ends in the café at Katuaq, Cafétuaq, where Greenlandic tapas are served. The plate contains tastings of different kinds of dried fish and meat, along with schrimp, scallops and other local quality food products.

After lunch there are good shopping opportunities close to Katuaq.

  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Minimum 2 people
  • Season: All year
  • DKK 470,- per person