Ptarmigan hunt in the Nuuk fiord

 9 Hours
Number of participants: Minimum 4 people – Maximum 12 people per boat
Season: October – April – Available every Saturday and Sunday
Language: English/Danish
Price: DKK 1.195,- per person incl. Lunch  – DKK 597,50,- Child (0-11 years old)

On ptarmigan hunts we like to sail out into the fiord where we believe there might be good chances for a catch. This tour is mostly on your own but our guide or captain won’t mind joining if it’s your first time hunting ptarmigan. The sailing itself will usually last between 30 min and can get up to 2 hours as we get later in the season and seek deeper into the fiord. We try as best as possible to go to a new area on every tour Note: It’s good idea to rent snowshoe to hunt in fjord because of the snow surface.

Please Note: To hunt you need to have your own riffel and hunting license, you can read more about it here. To rent snowshoes you can just click: Snowshoe rent +150 DKK

When renting snowshoes you agree to return them in the same condition, meaning that if you break them or lose them, you can be asked to refund the full amount.

This is a tour where you’ll mostly be on your own, if you have a VHF radio, GPS, or satellite phone then please bring it in case of emergencies.

What to bring: 

Remember warm clothes, hat and gloves, it is cold at the sea. Bring some food and snacks, soft drinks for the tour.


  • English/Danish speaking guide
  • Tea and coffee will be served onboard
  • Covered heated boat/restroom onboard
  •  Toilet on board


  • Departure is from the “Nuuk Water Taxi” by the Colonial harbour. But depends on weather or season of the year make sure to ask where to departure.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to departure
  • Transfer is not included

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