Frequently Asked Questions

About Tupilak Travel Tours

How can I book a tour?

We still do not have an online booking system. You can book a tour by sending us an E-mail, a phone call or by visiting our office.

How do I pay for my tour?

We still do not have an online payment system. You can pay to our Bank Account or here at Tupilak Office, we accept credit card and cash.

I am a single traveller, and there is a minimum of 6 guests on a boat trip?

We can sign you up on a tour on the date you would like to go, and then we contact you when we get enough participant. Or we can sign you up on a tour where we already have some guests signed up.

What type of boat do we sail with?

What if the weather gets bad and I have booked and payed for a tour?

We will either find a new date for the tour or you will get a total refund of the tour.

Can I pay for the tour at the boat?

No, unfortunately. You have to pay here at Tupilak Travel or to our Bank Account.

General questions about Nuuk

Where in Nuuk can I get Wi-FI access?

You can get Free Wi-FI acces at the Central Library ‘Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia‘ in the city centre. This is the only place you can get free Wi-FI. You can also buy Wi-FI access at the Cultural House Katuaq.

Where can I get a city map?

You can get Free City maps here at Tupilak Travel. Most of the Accomodations in Nuuk also have free City Maps. You can also down load the free App Nuuk offline Map

Where can I taste Greenlandic traditional food?

We can recommend;

Cafétuaq, at The Cultural House, they serve Greenlandic Tapas.

Café Inuk, at Inuk Hostels where they serve Greenlandic Lamb & Reindeer.

Hereford, at Hotel Hans Egede, they serve Greenlandic Reindeer and MuskOx Beef.

Sarfalik, at Hotel Hans Egede, combines the best of the Greenlandic and the global kitchen.

How do I see the bus plan? And how do I pay?

You can print out the Bus plan Here. It costs DKK 15,- per person and the ticket can be used for 1-hour. You can only pay in Danish Kroner and you pay it when you enter the bus.

General questions about Greenland

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